Places Nearby

While you stay in camp Potirna, do not miss to visit some interesting nearby locations like villages Tri Luke and Nova with a couple of charming pebble beaches. Also, it is very easy to visit few well known toponyms like the hills Hum and St. Juraj, both with an amazing view of the surrounding.


Blato is a charming place in the heart of the island of Korcula with a lovely linden tree promenade and quite a few sightseeing places, notably the parish church of All Saints and the ethnographic collection in the Ethno house Barilo. Many traditinal folklore and culture events take place on the square right under the parish church. There are also shops, fish markets, a pizzeria and couple of nightclubs with croatian pop music. During summertime, much of the people go the seaside places like Prizba, Grscica, Karbuni, Prigradica with many beaches, restaurants, amenities and smaller events, such as fishermen’s nights.

Vela Luka

Vela Luka is situated on the west side of the island of Korcula in a picturesque bay, which is a beautiful example of Croatian islands indented coast full of coves and islets. It is surrounded by the stunning scenery filled with pine trees and olive plantations greenery. The town itself has a long seaside promenade, which is excellent for evening walks. A long fishing tradition is a guarantee that the local restaurants are supplied with the first class fish.

Vela Luka Amenities

  • Excellent restaurants, pizzerias, bars
  • Well equipped grocery shops
  • Fish market
  • Rent a boat, rent a car, a bicycle, a scooter
  • Scuba diving excursions

Archeological sites, cultural events and night life

Vela Luka is getting more and more recognition because there is an important archeological site – Vela spila (Big Cave) which draws attention of the archeologists throughout the world. Apart from that, Vela Luka has a lots of summer events, traditional events and ceremonies. Here you can also find several nightclubs with various programmes.